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My Little Pony Print Fabric/Grey Stitching/Black String (MEDIUM Weight Fabric)

Characters on Fabric: My Little Pony Characters.  SOLD AS A PAIR

  • Our medium weight fabric is made of 100% cotton. Designed with an exclusive liner to provide maximum joint support with minimum bulk. Each fabric is chosen for it’s specific thread count density to produce structure and tightness in the function of the design.  Our chosen fabric makes Strength Wraps like no other cloth wrist wrap on the market. 
    • Cloth wrist wraps designed to tighten down on themselves, functioning as a tightening mechanism for wrist support with full range of motion. Choose the desired amount of support by picking from our different weight fabrics. 
      • While originally designed for Crossfit, Strength Wraps can also be used for Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, or any other applications where joint support is needed. 
        • Strength Wraps are machine washable. For Washing and Care of your wraps, visit our FAQ page.
          • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 
            • Our products are made in the USA.                   

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