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Available in Strength Wraps FIST or a FLAG logo.  

"Battle Ready" Strength Wraps are made from Official MultiCam Mil-Spec 50/50 nylon/cotton blend ripstop fabric. It’s light, strong and comfortable. This is the standard of our Armed Forces. Great for Battle Dress uniforms, trousers, shirts...and now Strength Wraps! Your Official MultiCam Fabric Strength Wraps come with a MultiCam tag at the end of our wrap, so you know these are the "real deal."  Use them for any of your outdoor activities, adventure races, Crossfit, etc., because you know these can take a beating and keep on going.  

Official MultiCam Pattern 50/50 fabric/Black Stitching/Black String/Tan Logo (MED/Light weight fabric)


  • If you've used Velcro wrist wraps in the past, you'll love the support, increased range of motion, and versatility of easily tightening and loosening your wrist wraps in a quick second! 

  • Cloth wrist wraps designed to tighten down on themselves, functioning as a tightening mechanism for wrist support with full range of motion. Choose the desired amount of support by picking from our different weight fabrics. 

  • While originally designed for Crossfit, Strength Wraps can also be used for Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training, or any other applications where joint support is needed. 

  • Strength Wraps are machine washable.  We suggest washing them in a mesh garment bag so that the string does not get twisted around other clothing or parts inside your washing machine.  Lay flat to dry.


  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 


  • Our products are made in the USA 
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